Return Policy & Missing Mail

We do not accept returns. All bows are made to order. Please make sure your order is correct. Due to hygiene reasons, we will not accept bows as returns. We have a BST Page on Facebook called BST Sweet Pea & Me Bows ( Once the bows are delivered your free to resell them as you please on our BST Page.  

We are not responsible for mail once it is marked as delivered, if a package is stuck at a Distribution Center we will recover it. We provide tracking numbers. Please sign up for text alerts so you are notified as to when your mail will arrive. If a package was marked delivered you need to notify your Post Master or your local post office as soon as possible, they are the ones that are able to help, they are the last people who physically had your mail. Maybe a neighbor has received your mail by mistake, I would reach out to fellow neighbors. You can further call the USPS  1 (800) 275-8777 and also file a claim. They'll be able to assist you and open a case. They'll give you a case number that starts with a CA followed by numbers, when you receive your CA number please email us and let us know what the number is so when can monitor the case as well. They should be in contact with you and they'll update you as they know where the last GPS coordinates of your package was physically scanned at. Hope this is helpful and your packaged is recovered soon. These are really the only options to recover missing mail that will be the most beneficial to our customers and their mail has then been retrieved. Hope this helps. Thank you.