Pig Tail French Braids

Easy Steps to French Braid Hair:

1) Divide hair evenly into two sections. You can do this with a teasing comb. 

2) When sections are divided, take one section and put it in a pony tail. Take the section in the pony tail and move that one section over your daughters shoulder out of the way.

3) Start with your first section you plan to braid and take three strands from the top of her head. 

4) Braid together by alternating each section from left to right.and add in a piece of hair from each side. 

5) As you continue the process by taking hair from alternating sides be sure to tighten hair as you go against your daughters head.

6) French Braid hair until you have gathered all hair together. Braid regularly until you reach the end of her hair.

7) Use an elastic pony tail holder to secure the braids. 

8) When you've completed add your favorite pig tail bows where you have placed the elastic pony tail holders. See photo for details.